• Electroheads Editor


InMotion’s newest electric unicycle (or EUC), the V11, was the star of a recent promotional video in which it’s used to cross rugged deserts, grassy plains and busy city centers with no apparent issue or lapse in performance.

InMotion were created in 2011 and are known for their wide variety of electric bikes, scooters and hoverboards (among others), but their range of EUCs is arguably their most famous product. The V11 is the newest model, and is boasted to be “king of offroad” on their own site.

That certainly seems to apply in this most recent video, where we see the driver using it to cross all manner of terrains, as well as busy city centers. The vehicle boasts built-in air suspension, a top speed of 35MPH, and a range of 75 miles, among other features.

Despite being a niche market, the EUC is being quickly adopted by many living in metropolitan areas, seen as a good way to commute without the effort, expense and environmental impact of owning a car. If you live in a city, you’ve probably seen a few already, and may even own one yourself.

That being said, InMotion’s approach to selling the V11 seems to be to hype its capabilities beyond being a simple means of navigating traffic (though it’s clearly capable of that too). Many enjoy using EUCs for recreational means, whether it’s exploration or learning to perform tricks with it, and InMotion are clearly leaning hard into that angle with this newest model. The video itself shows the driver effortlessly crossing dangerous terrain, as mentioned, but also leaping down from rocks, with a larger tire for better stability and over three feet of vertical travel (used to compensate for bumps and dips). It’s even the first ever EUC with adjustable suspension, a huge game-changer that may go a long way to moving these toys out of an urban setting. If you were planning to use one for something more exciting than going to the shops, this might be the best model on the market right now.

Unfortunately there aren’t many models currently for sale, as all the outlets we checked at time of writing reported that the V11 was sold out, usually indicated to return in mid-to-late October. It seems the community has certainly taken to V11, and this may be a small step in the EUC’s transition from niche to mainstream use.