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RAPID AND MASSIVE technological transformation is often dominated with people thinking and talking about what the future will look like.


The narratives are about transformation and change from where we are today to where we’ll be tomorrow. 


This is no surprise. Storytelling around technological developments are long entrenched by the rise of the sci-fi genre over the last century and a quarter. What this means, is that hardwired into the social narrative and discourse around technology shift, is a view about the future. And of course, this is true when it comes to electro-mobility.

I’m the first to bang on about it in You Will Underestimate The Power of the Revolution – a perspective which is entirely viewed through a lens of how things are going to change in the future. But what is becoming very clear about the electro-mobility revolution is that so much of the future of mobility is inspired by the past. 

Right now, there’s a huge thing happening which allows the petrolhead guard to come and get excited about the era of the electroheads, however initially unnatural this must feel to them. The Opel Manta GSE ElektroMOD is just dripping with retro-nostalgia that’s been slammed into the 2020s, whilst oozing Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and Apple 1984 vibes



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Hyundai have got in on the act too.

Whilst they’re absolutely upfront about the fact this won’t see the light of production day – what’s clear is that mid-market marques like Hyundai and Opel (Vauxhall if you’re in the UK) have worked out that leveraging retro-cool, is a clever way of radically reinventing their brand image for the new electroheads era. 

Why? Because nostalgia does funny things to us. On the basis that nostalgia is the warm and fuzzy type of memory and experience recollection – it’s a strong foundation for NPD and/or brand storytelling. 

On the basis that nostalgia is the warm and fuzzy type of memory and experience recollection – it’s a strong foundation for NPD and/or brand storytelling. Because humans are good at being fascinated about the past and the future. 

Just recently we couldn’t resist getting hold of Jack’s Raleigh Chopper and giving it the electroheads’ treatment. 

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Ok, not only was it fun and basically took no time to do – the outcome is sheer childlike glee, joy and wonder. Go and watch ourfilm here and see how unbelievably happy this makes him. Ah, bless.

But if you’re in the electric car/bike/scooter/skateboard and any other electric and wheels based business – the back to the future strategy is a goldmine. Jack’s smile is testament to that. As too are the comments from the folks getting a bit frothy at the mouth at the idea of the Opel Manta ElecktroMOD GSe.

Marketers take note. Because any brand’s ability to sell stuff is fundamentally connected to the promise of how it makes their customers feel. And when done well, the collision of the past with the future is an intoxicating mix. 

Dan Gregson is a specialist electro-mobility brand and growth strategist. He is CSO & Co-Founder of Electroheads – the UK’s fastest growing electro-mobility media brand.

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